Professionnal area

Because we believe that informing means also protectingEspaço Talassa has favoured since its creation the welcome of scientists, photographers and people working for radio and television. Consequently, we has set up specific logistics at reduced prices, which enable you to optimise your trip in the archipelago, even if it is a short one. The state of the sea, the light, the species watched, the kind of work are all the criteria taken into account at the time of boarding. As a professional, you can choose the right moment to put out to sea.

Since 1999, audiovisual and research works are subjected to obtain a permit. Obviously, we will help you for administrative applications to the local authorities.

Please send me a personalise budget and organisation.

Some of our colleagues

Ricardo Antunes (Portugal), Anne Collet (France), Thomas Conlin (USA), Bernard Delemotte (France), François Gohier (France), Sergio Hanquet (Spain), David Hoffmann (Germany), Ralf Kiefner (Germany), Jens Kuhfs (Germany), Manuel Lazcano (Mexico.), Jean Lemire (Canada), Shane Moore (USA), Doug Perrine (USA), Luís Quinta (Portugal), Jiri & Jana Reznicek (Czech Republic), Richard Sears (Canada), Douglas David Seifert (USA), Julia & Roland Seitre (France), José Serra (Portugal), Shiratori (Japan), Gérard Soury (France), Olivier Soury (France), Ron & Valerie Taylor (Australia), Doc White (USA), Maurizio Wurtz (Italy), Stephen Wong (Hong Kong), Takako Uno (Hong Kong), Thierry Secretan (France), Yves Paccalet (France) Jonathan Gordon (Scotland), Philip Hoare (England), Magnus Lundgren (Sweden), Alexander Goebels (Germany), Pascale d’Erm Gasselin (France), Jurgen Stumpfhaus (Germany), Christiane Broil-von Schwind (Germany), Paul Nicklen (Canada), Michael & Anastasia Valos (Australia), Cristina Mittermeier (Mexico)…

Some Channels and Radios

FRANCE 2 (France), FRANCE 5 (France), ARTE (France, Germany), BBC (England), DEUTSCH VELA (Germany), BO Travaille TV5 (France), DISCOVERY CHANNEL (England), Eleohant adventure (France), Emil Wimmer ORF (Austria), ESCALES (France), FRANCE INTER (France), FRANCE 3 (France), Glacialis (Canada), Jean-Jacques Mantello 3D Entertainment (England), Philip Hoare BBC (UK), Prima TV (CSZ), Radio Comerciale (Portugal), RDPA (Azores), RTL (Germany), RTPA (Azores), RTP 1 (Portugal), SIC (Portugal), TVE (Spain), VOX (Germany), Galatée Films (France), "Bonne Pioche" Canal+ (France), ZDF (Germany)…

Some books, newspapers and magazines

ADAC (Germany), AD weekend (Holland), Airone (Italy), Atlantis (Portugal), Açoreano oriental (Azores), Dive international (England), Donna Moderna (Italy), Diário insular (Azores), Diário das Noticias (Portugal), Diving world (Japan), Evasões (Portugal), Feminia (Switzerland), Fit for fun (Germany), Forum Ambiante (Portugal), Géo (Germany), Grande Reportagem (Portugal), I Viaggi di Republica (Italy), Megadive (Germany), Mundo Submerso (Portugal), National geografic (USA), Nereus (Switzerland), Océans (France), Ocean Realm (USA), Paralelo 38 (Azores), Península (Spain), Planète Mer (France), Point de vue (France), Publico (Portugal), RES (Sweden), RIB (England), Rotas & Destinos (Portugal), Science et nature (France), Scuba (Spain), Sport Divers Journal (Hong Kong), Sub (Italy), Subaqua (France), Tauchen (Germany), Telegráfo (Azores), Terre Sauvage (France), Unibanco (Portugal), Unterwasser (Germany), Visão (Portugal), Voici (France), Voile Magazine (France), Volta ao Mundo (Portugal), Wanderlust (England), Zeilen (Holland)…

Some institutions

ECS (England), Jules Vernes Aventures (France), MICS (Canada) , Monaco Oceanographical Museum (Monaco), SOS Grand Bleu (France), University of Saint Andrew (Scotland), University of Vienna- (Austria), University of Azores (Azores), University of Faro (Portugal), University of Genova (Italy), University of Montpellier (France), GAREF (France), Wild Wonders of Europe, SeaLegacy (Canada) …

Picture library

In order to illustrate a work, sensibilities apart, it is sometimes easier and less expensive to appeal to professionals who have already had an experience in the Azores and a photo or picture stock.

Espaço Talassa suggests you a list of photographers and film makers who have been working with us for several years :