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Casa do Flores



  • Located above the village of Lajes do Pico, «Casa do Flores» is about 200 meters from Espaço Talassa’s whale watching base and the Whaler’s Museum.
  • Great view of Portugal’s highest mountain and the Atlantic ocean.
  • Rooms with a private bathroom, panoramic garden , solar heating, outdoor kitchen.
  • Bar and snack services from 11 am to 9 pm at “Whale’come ao Pico” hotel.
  • You will also find an exterior small kitchen and a ”barbecue”, which are at your disposal.
  • Breakfast included in“Whale’come ao Pico” Hotel.

Espaço Talassa reserves the right to favour the attribution of accommodation to clients participating in their sea and/or land activities.


This house was built in the Sixties, and is without any doubt, one of the most middle-class constructions of Lajes do Pico. It belonged to Mr. Flores who was the last whale processing factory manager.The ”modern” architecture, its localisation on the top of the village and the comfortable interiors (bathroom and electricity) made it a unique residence and the symbol of a gainful employment.The Seventies marked the whaling decline and Mr. Flores was unfortunately unable to benefit its home for a long time. SIBIL factory closed its door forever and Mr. Flores could not assume the house’s costs anymore.
He immigrated to America, searching for a better economic comfort, never to return again. The house remained unoccupied a long time, and then was rented to family members or professors. It is abandoned since 2004, as Mr. Flores daughter decided to get rid of it, because her life is now in California, closer to her small children.


Price per night 01/01/22 to 09/04/22
11/09/22 to 31/12/22
07/05/22 to 08/07/22
20/08/22 to 09/09/22
09/04/22 to 06/05/22
09/07/22 to 19/08/22
Single room 30 36 49
Double room 36 49 69
Triple room 43 59 76
Quad room 59 65 81
Extra Sea View 6 6 6
Extra half-board /day /person 16 16 16