Why choose Espaço Talassa ?

30 years of experience at the sea from the Azores.

Our team is highly disciplinary, preferably made up with indigenous people but also from other origins, like Dutch, German, English, French, Brazilian and Spanish... ethnical richness;

Undoubtedly one of the 10 best spots for whale watching in the world

To be in the Azores and especially in Lajes do Pico, undoubtedly one of the 10 best spots for whale watching in the world, and for sure the best in the Azores. Still little tourist frequentation, high quantity and diversity of Wales observed, little visual pollution, with the mountain of Pico as background;

Small boats in order to limit the impact on the animals,

driven by 4 stroke engines: less noise and chemical pollution... "Size matters"!

Small group, maximum 12 people per boat:

it is nevertheless more human!

Multimedia Briefing

before we embark on each whale watching trip of approximately 30 minutes: biology and animal behavior, whale hunting story, ecology, legislation...

Debriefing on return:

moment to make the summary: species observed and doubts... around a drink with our specialists;

Watchtower of Queimada, Espaço Talassa exclusive,

with a minimum of 2 lookouts, who direct a maximum of 3 boats. The lookouts locate the animals, and guide the whale watching boats in order to minimize the impact negative on the animals: manage the number of boat around the same group, manages boat speed and angles of incidence. Therefore, it must exist a strong complicity and confidence between them and the skipper.

Boats equipped with an hydrophone,

not only to help locate the animals, but especially to supplement the visual observation with an acoustic meeting;

Responsible travel

By choosing a whale watching experience with Espaço Talassa, you are choosing to limit your ecological footprint. Espaço Talassa plants trees and contributes to partly compensate the ecological deficit and the CO2 emissions related to our whale watching activity. For each customer approximately €0,50 cent are donated to this Project

Solidary tourism.

Espaço Talassa thinks that it is right and educational that the meeting with cetaceans should be accessible for local population, whalers children, youngsters, students, and for the underprivileged… Solidariedade “is a project which allows inhabitants of Pico, students of any age, youth card holders, and unemployed to meet whales and dolphins which cross south of Lajes do Pico by paying a symbolic sum of 10€.

Finally to be honest, let us put our cards on the table :

  • Our whale watching boats are fast and drawn for active voyages. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate persons with reduced mobility, pregnant women, or persons with osteoporosis, sciatic, ...
  • Comfort on board is summary and therefore it is worth to take some precautions before embarking. The Men WC are on starboard, those of the Women on portside... with breathtaking view on the Atlantic!
  • We offer direct contact with Nature elements on our whale watching adventures, like rain (and some times pretty heavy), but also the sun....
  • As we believe that swimming with dolphins could be a risky activity for you and overall very intrusive for the animals, we stop to offer it since 2017, to know more : Why you shouldn't swim with dolphins