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Since 1989, Serge Viallelle has criss-crossed the Azores sea. He has discovered and has got to know the impressive community of dolphins and whales that frequent waters of the middle of the Atlantic. Thanks to this ever-growing passion, the first Observation and Study Base of Azores Cetaceans was born in 1991, under the name of Espaço Talassa, the original! Each voyage (with a 98% success rate in average), does not only give the opportunity to meet one of the 27 sea mammal species registered in the Azores, but also to take part actively in the study and the protection of these last leviathans. Out at sea, but in accordance both with the animal and with our ethical charter, you could contribute to the collection of data necessary for our studies, such as the species observed, photos, underwater recordings… On dry land, you could have access to our specialized library and meet our biologists or our cetologist guides, and before loading, we will open up for you the doors of this still unrecognized world through a mini conference.

Latest encounters of delphins or whales

Prepare your trips for 2014 ! Our log books 2014 are now available. [click here]

Every 15 seconds, the Mount Pico can be seen from our base.