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A better knowledge of the animals that we watch, helps us to protect them, but also to understand the environment in which they live and that they divide with other species like the homo sapiens, the latter also being of certain interest!
This logic, associated with various requests for collaboration in the field of photo identification, justifies the creation of this photograph databank. It is not a question of creating a new catalogue, but opening a simple tool to all: curious, whale watchers, students, researchers… where it will be possible to download and upload photos, as well to include them in already existing catalogues, the reference in this field being the catalogue created by IFAW, Dr.  and Dra , in the Azores in 1987.

To upload your photographs, please follow the protocol and fill the form attached. Note that it will not appear automatically on the site, as it will be analysed by our biologist first, prior to presenting in our photobank.

To access the bank, please fill the various form fields below, as well as search criteria. The use is free of right, however reference to Espaço Talassa bank should be complied, and the name of the photographer must be highlighted within the framework of written publication or audio-visual.

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