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Espaço Talassa's Outdoor Activities

New : Outdoor activities with Espaço Talassa

The Azorean sea and its inhabitants are, without a doubt, fascinating and attract a lots of interest but Pico's landscape natural beauty and originality has its own charm.

The Azorean sea and its inhabitants are, without a doubt, fascinating and attract a lots of interest but Pico's landscape natural beauty and originality has its own charm.

With 35 % of Pico’s land listed and protected by UNESCO as World Heritage, you do not want to miss the opportunity during your stay on the Island to discover the geodiversity and biodiversity of it.

We are very proud to offer a 'classic': Climbing Pico, Portugal's highest  mountain. However this climb requires some preparation, so before you embark on the journey our guide will advise you on the required/desired equipment, the weather condition and the security procedures via a powerpoint presentation so you can fully enjoy the hike. We recommend this particular climb to people with a good physical conditions.

Besides the well-known trails, we offer two complementary trails, in a mixture of sight seeing and original walks. These hikes are more flexible and adaptable to all.

Trail One: 'The Black Volcanic Rock' hike starts with the Torres Cave visit, a volcanic tunnel of around 7 km (only 500m is open), followed by a short walk through the vineyards listed and protected by UNESCO as world heritage.

Trail Two: The discovery of the 'Azorean Green Endemic Vegetation' which is slowly disappearing due to intense agricultural activity. This is a series of small walks around Pico's East side highest plateau's hidden lakes.

We recommend for you to book in advance as we limit our groups to twelve persons.  These walks are a good alternative when the weather doesn't allow sea activities.

Pico 'three' colors will take you through a journey from the blue lagoons and ocean, green forests and pastures to the black mountain.


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Espaço Talassa's Outdoor Activities


NEW !!! Walks, talks & whales

8 Days Package

An 8-day package that includes:

  • 7 nights, breakfast included, in a 2 ** Hotel
  • A Road book emailed as a PDF file or sent by post with detailed descriptions  of hikes and planned activities
  • Two 3-hour sea excursions based on “Whales and Dolphins of Queimada”
  • Three hikes in three different landscapes unique to Pico
  • Five talks on a variety of themes such as: Pico, volcanoes, the evolution of  the marine mammal, turtles, photo identification, brief topics that thrill us !
  • All transfers as described in “Day By Day”
  • Insurance
  • Free entrance to the whale museum
  • Government taxes and a “whale and dolphin” observation permit


  • Single passenger supplement : 199 euros
  • Single room supplement : 95 euros
  • 85 Euros reduction for a third person in a triple room
  • Sea view room supplement: 20 euros per person

Prices are per person based on double room occupancy in a 2 ** Hotel




This trip invites you to discover Pico landscapes and its culture, to meet the inhabitants of the Azorean sea and learn about Pico volcanoes, cetaceans, photos...

Walks:The hikes described in the Road Book can be a little tricky but are generally accessible to all walkers.   Sometimes the itinerary may be varied at the discretion of each walker, depending on their various abilities, knowledge of the area and physical fitness.

There are many hiking trails in Pico and it’s impossible to see them all in one week. We have selected three which represent the typical varied landscape of our island :

  • The vineyard classified by Unesco as a world heritage site
  • The last vestiges of the laurel, a primitive forest, found in Macronesie
  • The traditional, agricultural landscape of the eastern tip of the island

Optional, and reserved mainly for the good walkers, you will have the opportunity to climb Pico, the highest volcano in the Azores and Portugal’s highest point (2351 meters) 

Learning and understanding: Vine growing and the famous ‘Verdelho’ wine, and whaling have deeply affected, not only the island’s economy, but also its landscapes, the social geographical organisation of the island and the island lifestyle

One can get a better understanding of the Picarotos (Pico inhabitants) by browsing their history in the whale museum in Lajes, the whale factory in Sao Roque and also the vine museum in Madalena.  These days we are trying to develop a more “gentle” tourism, more respectful of nature and culture, but also innovative and creative: Francois the potter, is a good illustration of this.

During the evening, our biologists or marine guides invite you to join them in discussing a variation of topics such as:

  • Cetaceans, their evolution, and the dangers that threaten them
  • The turtle project.  What happened to all those we have marked since 1989?
  • The “photo ID” project, or how to better recognise and therefore protect the blue and sperm whales
  • The animal photo
  • The island of Pico, its geology, flora and fauna and... the Picarotos

Whales and dolphins: If whaling has existed for over a century in Pico’s history, especially that of the southern coast, today, the mammals that we would like to introduce you to are all living and breathing.

By the number of observable species, their quantity and sometimes rarity, combined with the landscape backdrop, the Azores are undoubtedly one of the finest locations for whale watching in the North Atlantic.   Here it is possible to come across 28 types of cetaceans. On average we encounter 4 or 5 species during our 3 hour excursion and rarely return empty handed!

You can find a list of these animals by clicking here.

Of course we are not only interested in cetaceans; Sharks, turtles, seabirds... excite us just as much.


Price list for 2018

  Low season
24/03/18 to 20/04/18
22/09/18 to 04/11/18
Medium season
21/04/18 to 06/07/18
25/08/18 to 21/09/18
High season
07/07/18 to 24/08/18
8 days package 449,00 € 499,00 € 599,00 €
Walks, Talks & Whales in family (4 persons) 1449,00 € 1599,00 € 1899,00 €
Supplement half-board 105,00 € 105,00 € 105,00 €
Supplement Pico climb 70,00 € 70,00 € 70,00 €
Sup full day ''Sea watch'' 98,00 € 108,00 € 128,00 €

449 ,00€

35 ,00€