news letter 98

1998 was an exceptional year both because of the amount of observations (especially of sperm whales and risso dolphins) and because of climatological conditions
We have even for the first time met 2 humpback whales in the month of May.

Other encounters, but very sad ones, took place as well, like the one with this dead female sperm whale.

© Serge Viallelle, Physeter macrocephalus
© Serge Viallelle, Physeter
© João Pedro Sequeira, Whale lice

Accompanied by Dr. Malcolm Clark, consultant to the University of the Azores, we have collected some samples in order to try to understand the reason of this death.

Because the Azorean sea and its coastline hide many treasures -- not just cetaceans -- starting from this year, we'll introduce you to other species of animals that are also part of our daily lives.

© David Hofman, Yellow- Legged Gull, Larus cachinnaus atlantis
© Serge Viallelle, Cory's Shearwater, Calonectris diomedea
© Roland Seitre, Paléartic Trinidade Petrel, Pterodroma arminjoniana
© Ralf Kiefner, Sun Fisch, Mola mola
© Serge Hanquet, Longgrhead, Caretta caretta
© Ralf Kiefner, Sun Fisch, Mola mola